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Each of our newsletters contain a selection of articles by members, research and instructional articles, recipes using hazelnuts, local and national events, and links to useful and interesting websites worldwide.

June 2019 [0.9 MB]

Notice of 2019 AGM and winter field days (29-30 June at Lincoln/Little River/West Melton)

May 2019 [1.45 MB]

Field day reports (February 2019 at Lincoln/Banks Peninsula/West Melton)

January 2019 [ MB]

Summer field day reports (November, North Canterbury - including Martin Hodgson from Ontario and Sandy de Vries, MPI-accredited food safety verifier)

November 2018 [ MB]

Summer field days notice (18 November, North Canterbury), MPI registration update

Spring 2018 [ MB]

AGM report (23-24 June, Marlborough), MPI/Food Safety registration update

Winter 2018 [0.7 MB]

Winter field days and 2018 AGM – 23-24 June, Marlborough. Annual General Meeting Notice, ‘The latest in a Nutshell’ Hazelnut Summer Field Days 17 Feb 2018, Alexandra. Food Act 2014/MPI Registration.

Autumn 2018 [1.83 MB]

Summer field days report – 17-18 February, Central Otago. Summer field days report – 17-18 February, Central Otago, MPI Registration – survey results. Winter field days – 23/24 June. Seasonal reminders

Summer 2018 [0.92 MB]

Upcoming summer field day 17-18 February, Central Otago, Equipment update – sucker removal, Food Bill Update, Detailed survey about growing hazelnuts in New Zealand

Spring 2017 [1.63 MB]

AGM Report, Presentations and 2017 Winter Field Days, Wairarapa field day – 30 July, NZ Nut Week – 22 October 2017, “State of the Nation” survey, Equipment for sale

Winter 2017 [1.14 MB]

Summer Field Days, 201 7 HGANZ AGM & Annual Conference, 5 year Industry Plan, Harvesting Options

Summer 2017 [6.8 MB]

Summer Field Days, Nuts and seeds and new food safety law, Canterbury Growers Group Orchard Visit, More Great Hazelnut Health News

Dec 2016 [0.822 MB]

Work Safety in your Orchard, Sucker Removal, Last Committee Meeting Report, FINZ Hazelnuts, Postcard from Italy, Chocolate Shortbread Cookies with Hazelnut and Sea Salt

AGM June 2016 [1.64 MB]

AGM, Winter Field Days, Chairman's report, CRACKADAMIA

Feb 2016 [0.869 MB]

March Field Days, Hazelnut mite

March 2015 [1.67 MB]

Hazelnut Growers of Australia Conference 2014, The Chairman's Chat, Report on the GIA Forum held in Auckland, Hazelnut Lollipops

Winter 2014 [1.39 MB]

HGANZ 2014 Annual General Meeting, Results and benefits from hazelnut research projects funded by the Sustainable Farming Fund: 2004 to 2014, Canterbury Field Day April 2014, Nelson Field Day April 2014

Summer 2013/2014 [0.661 MB]

Regional Nut Quality Assessed, Never miss a promotion opportunity, Food Safety, Health Research News

Winter 2013 [1.12 MB]

AGM and Field Days Roundup, President Report to the AGM, Hazelnut Syrup, Crystallised Hazelnuts

April 2013 [0.696 MB]

Summer Field Day in Blenhiem, Visiting Hazelnut Growers in Melbourne, Assessing regional nut quality differences in NZ hazelnut varieties

December 2012 [0.426 MB]

Hazelnut Harvesting Field Day, Establishing polliniser recommendations and realistic yield data for NZ hazelnut orchards, 2012 Report from the Hazelnut Orchard Data Collection for Improving Productivity, For Sale/Wanted

August 2012 [0.749 MB]

Chairman’s Report to Annual General Meeting, 2012, Summary of HGANZ AGM, For Sale/Wanted

May 2012 [0.548 MB]

Summer Field Day Report, A Comment From The Secretary, HGANZ AGM and FIELD DAYS

February 2012 [0.417 MB]

Dr Grau Visits New Zealand, Bacterial Blight: Comments on the Orchards Visited, Tips to help the hazelnut tree overcome blight pressure in stressful environments, Hazelnut Production in Chile

December 2011 [0.139 MB]

A Canadian Hazelnut Industry?, Hazelnut Biosecurity Regulations: Initial Research, Christmas Recipe

September 2011 [0.292 MB]

Stop Press: Visit by Chilean hazel researcher, Chairman’s Report to the 2011 AGM of HGANZ, AGM Weekend 2011, Flowering and pollination data, Low cost harvester

May/June 2011 [0.185 MB]

Orchard information required for hazelnut research (Project SFF L10-148), A Nut Harvester born out of Desperation and Poverty, Flowering and pollination data, 2011 AGM

January 2011 [0.224 MB]

Update on the MAF Sustainable Farming Fund research projects, Sweeper for Hazelnut Harvesting, Flowering and pollination data, Hazelnut recipe book

Oct 2010 [0.409 MB]

The NZ hazelnut industry. Where to from here?, Nut storage, Flowering and pollination data, Hazelnut recipe book

July 2010 [0.648 MB]

HGANZ Annual General Meeting 2010 - President's Report, AGM Field Trips, Flowering and pollination data

January 2010 [0.403 MB]

Impressions of the Australian Hazelnut Industry, Separator to sort hazelnut kernel from shell after cracking

August 2009 [0.322 MB]

AGM & winter field days 2009, Pollination Workshops, Young orchard mortality

February 2009 [0.399 MB]

Opportunities for expansion of the NZ hazelnut industry, Soil and nutrients for hazels, Oregon releases blight resistant cultivar

November 2008 [0.208 MB]

Filbertworm, Orchard Health, Seventh Internationa Congress on Hazelnuts

August 2008 [0.221 MB]

2008 AGM, Field Days, Big Bud Mite

July 2007 - Winter Addition [0.446 MB]

Hazelnuts and Health Research, Hazelnut Allergies

May 2007 - Autumn Addition [0.411 MB]

Pruning and Training Hazelnuts, Sizing Hazelnuts

January 2007 - Summer Addition [0.170 MB]

Growsafe/Approved Handler Certification, NUTNZ Export Marketing Strategy

November 2006 - Spring Addition [0.594 MB]

Hazelnut Technology for Warmer Climates, HGANZ Notice board

August 2006 - Winter Addition [0.148 MB]

Pruning Field Day, Gypsum as a Fertiliser, 2006 AGM

May 2006 - Autumn Addition [0.263 MB]

Wonders of the Hazelnut Tree, Basic Fruit Tree Pruning

Volume 4, Issue 2, Autumn 2006 [0.422 MB]

Harvest Time, Horticulture Exporters Assoc. Affiliation

Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer 2005 [0.130 MB]

Agrichemical Calculations

Volume 3, Issue 4, Spring 2005 [0.137 MB]

Hazel Pruning and Training, Young Orchard Pruning

Volume 3, Issue 3, Winter 2005 [0.389 MB]

Hazel Leaf Minor

Volume 3, Issue 2, Autumn 2005 [0.155 MB]

Healthy Hazelnut Oil

Volume 3, Issue 1, Summer 2004 [0.184 MB]

Hazelnut Tree Nutrient Management

Volume 2, Issue 4, Spring 2004 [0.317 MB]

Pruning Young Orchards, Big Bud Mite

Volume 2, Issue 3, Winter 2004 [0.141 MB]

International Hazelnut Quality , Hazelnuts and Product Design

Volume 2, Issue 2, Autumn 2004 [0.393 MB]

Hazelnut Breeding in Oregon, Products, Small Shelling Machinery

Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer 2003 [0.129 MB]

Marketing Hazelnuts

Volume 1, Issue 4, Winter 2003 [0.341 MB]

Pollinator Management

Volume 1, Issue 3, Autumn 2003 [0.206 MB]

Hazelnut Tree Growth

Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2002 [0.263 MB]

Hazelnut Management, Hazelnut Nutrition