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Drying Nuts After Harvest

Jenny Horwell shared her expertise on Drying Hazelnuts at the 2017 HGANZ AGM weekend.

Guidelines for Growing Hazelnuts in NZ

Introduction to growing hazelnuts in New Zealand, Hazelnut Varieties, Flowering and pollination, Nut Development and Quality, Establishing a hazelnut orchard, Orchard Management, Harvesting

Orchard Setup

Abstracted from New Growers' Intro. What is involved in setting up a new orchard?

Orchard Maintenance

Regular maintenance, Mowing, Weed control, Pruning, Sucker control, Disease control


Super Jolly 2800 Mechanical Harvester - Les McCracken ยท In October 2009 we purchased a new Super Jolly 2800 mechanical harvester from Italy. We had seen the machine in operation in Italy the previous year and found it had advantages over the suction type machines currently in use in NZ: